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Bunion Surgery Recovery Time

There are different types of bunion surgeries, just as there are different cases of hallux valgus. The severity of the deformity and type of surgical treatment are just two of the factors that may affect the recovery time.

With Dr. K’s minimally invasive and cosmetically aesthetic bunion surgical procedure, patients are able to get back on their feet in as little as 2-4 weeks. With traditional treatments, it would take you at least 8 weeks for the bone to mend, and you’d most likely be in a cast with crutches. However, full recovery from the procedure typically takes 3 to 6 months.

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Here are a few tips to facilitate fast healing and recovery

  • Keeping your foot down for long will cause it to swell, throb, and become painful. Instead, try to keep it elevated as much as possible for the first couple of weeks post surgery to reduce the pain and swelling.
  • Avoid walking as much as possible for the first couple of weeks. But if you must, wear the recommended footwear and put all the weight through your heels rather than the front of the foot.
  • Use ice packs frequently to help reduce pain and swelling during the first couple of weeks.
  • Keep the dressings in place and dry until the stitches come out to ensure that the toes heal in the right position. Cover the dressing with waterproof plastic when bathing.
  • Take your painkillers and antibiotics as prescribed to manage pain and prevent infections.
  • Dr. K will recommend some exercises to help improve the strength, flexibility, and movement of your toes and foot. These exercises are important to avoid stiffness in the toe.

After the dressing has been removed, you should be able to use normal footwear, but avoid wearing high heels or narrow fitting shoes for several months. Choose shoes that are wide and soft to minimize any pressure on the operated area, and to allow the bones to recover in the right position.

Size of Incision? 5-10 MM

Recovery Time? 2-4 WEEKS

Pain & Swelling? VIRTUALLY NONE

Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery Los Angeles

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Dr. K offers minimally invasive bunion surgical procedure with a small incision, which reduces scarring and speeds up recovery time. The non-weight bearing and time spent in a cast is reduced to 2-3 weeks from the usual 8-12 weeks. You can even resume your daily activities right after the procedure, but it’s recommended that avoid any weight for the first 1-2 weeks for optimal healing and recovery.

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