Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery

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No Big Scars, No Major Pain, and a Quick Recovery

Developed by Dr. K

The Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery leaves far less swelling than the traditional bunion surgery, which means patients can be back on their feet (2-4 weeks), much sooner than traditional bunion surgery (up to 3 months).

This new method has been researched and there is a documented study out of Italy that followed 140 patients for a total of 6 years; the results were amazing.

Traditional Surgery Vs. Dr. K's Minimal Incision Bunion Surgery

Traditional Surgery

Pain - Pain for up to two months (varies from one person to another)

Scarring - The traditional method leaves behind a 4-5cmm / 1-2 inches scar which can be quite unattractive and at times painful.

Scar Tissue - This is different than scars on the skin. Scar tissue is the number one cause of prolong pain and limited range of motion on the big toe joint. This is due to dissection when performing bunion surgery.

Decreased Range of Motion - (of the big toe joint, 1st metatarsophalangeal joint) - Post-surgery, because of required dissection in this area when doing a traditional bunion surgery.

The scar tissue requires patients to go to physical therapy to get the range of motion back (kind of like rehab after a total knee replacement). take for patients to go back to regular often than men. with arthritis. between these

Swelling - One of the biggest problems with foot surgery. The foot is the last stop in the body so the swelling has no place else to go but stay in the foot.

The more swelling you have the more pain and the longer it take for patients to go back to regular shoes, go back to work, and so on...

After the Traditional Bunion Surgery

Dr. K's Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery

Minimal Incision - 5mm incision on the side of the big toe.

Mobility - Almost all patients are walking without crutches, some of our patients have gone back to work as little as one week. See testimonials

Zero to No Scar Tissue - The dissection is so minimal that in almost all cases had no scar tissue build up.

No Compromise on Range of Motion - (of the big toe) - Most patients do not lose any range of motion after this surgery.

Zero to No Swelling - This procedure is so minimal that the swelling is not noticeable. Minimal swelling means minimal pain and that leads to patients going back to regular shoes as fast as 2 to 4 weeks (compared to the traditional method of 3 months)

Tremendous reduction in post-operative pain - Because of the nature and the minimal approach of this surgery the pain is at its minimal.

Tested & Proven - This new method has been researched and there is a documented study out of Italy that followed 140 patients for a total of 6 years; the results were amazing.

After Dr. K's Bunion Surgery

Size of Incision? 5-10 MM

Recovery Time? 2-4 WEEKS

Pain & Swelling? VIRTUALLY NONE

A Message From Dr. K

Why & How Did You Come Up With This Procedure?

My training in limb lengthening and limb deformity has always been the focal point of my practice. During the past five years, I've been doing bunion corrections utilizing traditional techniques, but patient progress was always a big concern to me. Most of these patients had pain for weeks, used crutches and had limited range of motion after surgery.

Patients did not want to be off their feet for long time and have to use crutches, which was always a big concern for me. I would see patients who would wait years to get there bunions corrected because they could not take time off from work or were busy at home taking care of kids etc. I came across an article that was published in JBJS in 2005 published by some surgeons in Italy. After reading that article I realized that there was a better way of doing the bunion surgery. In that article most of these patients were walking within three days after surgery and had a low level of discomfort.

I decided to try this procedure with a few modifications. These modifications include smaller incisions and using an osteotome, which provides a better environment for bone healing. I am also able to prevent and eliminate pin track infections that some of patients were getting.

I have done over 350 of these procedures for the past 36 months with little to no complications. Most of my patients are walking the next day without the use of crutches, take little to no pain medication and have returned to work in as little as one week.

I can honestly say that this has completely changed the way I do bunion surgeries as I will never go back to the old way. My patients range from college students to a 65-year-old retiree. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing my patients on their first postoperative visit walking, smiling, telling me how they had very little pain and have been walking since day one.

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