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The bunion that forms after the deviation of the big toe towards the lesser toes, hallux valgus, is often painful or uncomfortable when your footwear creates pressure or rubs the bony prominence. With time, the deformity gets worse as the second toe crosses over the big one, while the big one becomes arthritic. Unfortunately, there are no non-surgical treatments for bunions.

On the other hand, there are dozens of ways to correct the deformity surgically, with some surgical procedures being more effective than others.

The most effective bunion surgeries recommended by Dr. Khosroabadi include:

Lapidus Bunionectomy

This is the most effective bunion surgical procedure to completely remove the bunion and keep it from ever returning for the rest of your life. The low risk of bunion recurrence is because the procedure targets the origin of the deformity - a loose cuneiform and 1st metatarsal joint.

minVasive Bunionectomy

This technique eliminates the fixation problem associated with conventional minimally invasive bunion operations that cause poor bone healing. Instead of the traditional fixation with a thin and fragile pin, this procedure uses a tiny plate and screws that are placed through a tiny cut to fixate the bone and manage unusual stress through the bone, and also hold the new position until the bone has fully healed.

This essentially corrects the bunion in three planes, providing instant stability and weight bearing without the need for crutches.

Akin Bunionectomy

This is an adjunctive procedure that is done when additional correction to the big toe is necessary. It involves the removal of a triangular wedge of the big toe bone so that the big toe can shift away from the second toe by simply closing the wedge. The new position is stabilized using a screw.

Size of Incision? 5-10 MM

Recovery Time? 2-4 WEEKS

Pain & Swelling? VIRTUALLY NONE

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Dr. K offers minimally invasive bunion surgical procedure with a small incision, which reduces scarring and speeds up recovery time. The non-weight bearing and time spent in a cast is reduced to 2-3 weeks from the usual 8-12 weeks. You can even resume your daily activities right after the procedure, but it’s recommended that avoid any weight for the first 1-2 weeks for optimal healing and recovery.

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